Nigerian technology scene get ready to be shaken up

Indigenous app Tech ready to take over Nigerian tech scene;
A new ‘kid’ (Firm) on the scene is threatening to sweep through the app/tech market in Nigerian and by extension Africa with their brand new product which as soon as is released will virtually dominate the Nigerian app scene and spread beyond its borders like a plague.
Astrum-Tech, an it solutions company came unto the world map late 2013 with ‘astrum stores’, the first indigenous third party application store in Nigeria.
A store dedicated to its mission of showcasing the ingenuity of the Nigerian app developers and also creating a convenient interface that supports payment methods available in the country.
There has been a sharp increase in the acquisition of smart phones in the country and part of the basic features that makes them indispensable is their ability to applications of various types and functions.
The founders of Astrum stores made a groundbreaking innovation by creating a web payment system with employs the use of a debit card, rather than the conventional credit card that isn’t readily available in the country.
The one year old firm, founded by two young Nigerians, oye-lawrence akinwale, a computer science graduate of babcock university and his partner balogun adebowale has already made history by being the first app store to come up wit such revolutionary payment options.
It’s been noted that the company, though in its infancy has caught the attention of international investors who are interested in tapping into the Nigerian market.
While the pair who started the business has had more than their share of startup challenges, they remain determined to achieve the vision of maneuvering this potentially huge firm into international terrain and in the process, achieve their aims of making the world at large recognize the potential in Nigerian developer and also contribute their quota to the Nigerian economy.
Astrum-tech however will be rolling out services which are targeted at the vast number of users of mobile phones. Even though the full capabilities of this firm remain in shadowy crevices, you can bet your house on the fact that Astrum-tech stores will be a force to be reckoned with in the near future


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