Manchester United: Much Ado About Nothing.

Much has been made about the inability of the club, Manchester United to attract marquee signings this summer. This however is a load of tosh. Manchester United fans, who have rarely found themselves in this position, of perceived weakness before, are clamouring for marquee signings to alleviate their worries. They see the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson as an omen, or if you please, a death knell to the club’s aspirations of winning trophies, this unfortunately is the fear of the unknown. I for one was devastated at the retirement of such a key figure in our history, but change is needed and permanent or we stagnate as a club.
Now, looking at the Manchester United team, this is a team capable of beating any side in Europe, including Real Madrid. Yes, I’m not mad, hear me out.
1.) We have the best damn goalkeeper in the country, and very soon the world if he keeps improving at this rate.
At left-back Patrice Evra remains as solid as ever even if there are lapses defensively once in a while. Let’s not forget that he is 32 and has not had an extended summer rest for more than 3 seasons now. He is quality and if he can be rested for some games against weaker opposition then we are sorted.

2.) At center-back we have Vidic who showed us against Chelsea he is still the same Serbian beast we have all come to love and respect. Even against Liverpool he was a rock in defence rarely giving their attackers a sniff. Rio Ferdinand is my only concern as he is progressively getting older but with Johnny Evans and Phil Jones looking impatiently over his shoulder, no problemo.

3.) Rafael needs no introduction, if he stays fit then we have the best right back in England on our team sheet.

4.) Now to the much maligned midfield, I’m truly excited at the options there. If Carrick stays fit then he, Fellaini and Kagawa can form a midfield trio to rival that of Barcelona. Fellaini with his immense workrate and physicality will scare the living daylights out of opposition players and break attacks and in the same breath break legs (without getting caught of course.). Michael Carrick can be our Paul Scholes. Sitting deep beside Fellaini and with the defensive workload on him reduced, he can proceed to dictate games with his metronomic passing. However good Carrick was last season, with Fellaini doing the brute work beside/behind him, then he can easily be twice as good as he was last season. Kagawa, will be the third of the trio, moving the ball up the pitch with his nifty footwork, body feints and dribbling skills. He is extremely capable of playing the role of our own Iniesta.

5.) Moving on to the most exciting part, our formidable attack, Rooney who showed glimpses of his old hunger against a deermined Chelsea side will play in a three pronged attack with Van Persie and Nani. Think back to the Nani who scored two magnificent goals against Bayern Munich. The Nani who obliterated Arsenal at Old Trafford with some of the best counter attacking football I have ever seen, now think of that Nani alongside a furious, driven, goal-hungry Wayne Rooney and Van Persie’s left foot. Are you as excited as I am yet? Not forgetting the fact that young wizard Januzaj waits eagerly in the wings for an opportunity to impress. Welbeck, Lingard and Zaha also chomping at the bit, working hard in training taking lessons from the veterans (Giggs, Ferdinand) on what it takes to succeed at the highest level.
Now, you are going to remind me of the match at Anfield, yes, yes. Liverpool are our rivals for crying out loud. We have rarely beaten them on their turf and have been spanked by these impostors often enough on our own turf under Sir Alex Ferguson. I imagine if Moyes had lost 4:1 to Liverpool at Old Trafford that we would have screamed blue murder, yet this happened under the greatest manager that ever lived, and guess what? We survived, we thrived and we triumphed. We are like the Phoenix, we rise from the ashes and are reborn. We will never be beaten. We are Manchester United Football Club.
* Get behind your manager, show him the same support as you have shown me* if you respect the legend that Sir Alex Ferguson is, you will respect hiss words and let them be your motto, now and forever.


One thought on “Manchester United: Much Ado About Nothing.

  1. You are very correct but you forget to mention how inconsisteent nani is putting aside his fitness issues of last season. Vidic isn’t any younger so is ferdinand and they’ve g got fitness issues too. Jones and evans and smalling. Stil hav a lot to show and it seems imjuries are curtailin their progress. As for shinji, let’s hope moyes utilises him as you can see dorttmnd fans stil hold me dear to ther hearts

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